40-Year Class Reunion

laugh 40-YEAR REUNION  devil

WHEN:  Friday, August 10, 2018 ~ 6:00pm; band starts at 8:00pm
WHERE:  The Clubhouse Pub & Grille, 2621 30th Avenue, Kenosha
ENTERTAINMENT:  The Boys & Toys Band, featuring Jon Ianni, Mike Parise,
                               Steve Kollman & Scotty "Schoo" Schuester
DETAILS:  Delicious Infusino's pizza will be served, along with our homemade
                 desserts!  Cash bar.

COVER CHARGE:  Only $10 at the door!  (Cash only, please.)

Wow!  It's hard to believe that our 40-Year Reunion is already upon us; but, here we are!  And like our last two milestone reunions, it'll be held the same weekend as Holy Rosary's Annual Church Festival which doubles our opportunity for fun!  Sure hope you can come and please spread the word!

For our reunion at the Clubhouse, the Boys & Toys Band will again be performing and they are better than ever!  Since our last reunion, new band members include:  "Uncle" Mike Parise, who was formerly in the bands Tuff and Union back in our day, is now the lead singer for B&T.  (Some of you may remember seeing Mike perform at the old Clubhouse on Sheridan Rd. and 45th St. back in our late teens/early 20's.  He's also an uncle to our classmate, Frank Parise, and the hubby of our classmate, Connie Guarascio.)  And now Scotty "Schoo" Schuester, formerly with Groove Factor, is now drummer for B&T.  Altogether with founding member, Jon Ianni, and Steve Kollman, this band really rocks and have become good friends with our class over the years....  So, it's now time to party at a "new" Clubhouse!  Here's a link if you want to check it out: 

However, in preparation for our upcoming reunion, we really need your help!  First, please check your personal Contact Info on this site and make sure all information is current.  Your street mailing address is needed for any future reunion-related, postcard snail-mailings. Second, please look over our Missing Classmates page and reach out to whomever you can on that list, and invite them to our reunion.  Also, please encourage them to join this site so they can be kept in the loop going forward!  Then, take a few moments to update your Profile page and pictures, to get reacquainted with classmates prior to our reunion. Your involvement in this way is a tremendous help and really appreciated.  Thank you!  Looking forward to seeing you at our class reunion, if not before!


(l-r:  Jon Ianni, Mike Parise, Steve Kollman, Scotty Schoo)

Our Yearbook signing from our 35-Year Reunion: