Blasts From Our Past

This gallery is a collection of group photos from our school days... even going way back to kindergarten!  Many of these pics were submitted by our classmates and by simply right-clicking on any one of them, you should be able to save them to your own computer.  So, if you have any old group school photos to share with our class, please submit them for this page!  We love looking at moldy oldies!  

BRADFORD HIGH ~ 1977:  Horse
Courtesy of Ted Funn, the photo below is of the 1977 Bradford Gymnastics Team.  Look at all those muscles!  Thanks, Ted....     

Back row:  Coach Frycienski, R. Riley, S. Wiersum, R. Weiss, B. Butera
Kneeling:  J. Aiello, T. Funk Funn, K. Cooper, R. Miller, J. Frederick

WASHINGTON JR. HIGH ~ 1974-1975:  Cheerleader Toss 2
Below are scanned pages out of Washington's 9th grade Memory Book which picture many of us classmates.

In the photo below, those pictured are identified from right to left, beginning with the front row....


Check out this old photo submitted by Mary Bebo-Jensen taken of the Washington Jr. High, 9th grade track team....  Thanks for sharing, Mary.     

Back row: T. Kemen, E. Naidicz, R. Grisham, J. Hansen, M. Maraccini
Third row:  E. Gascoigne, R. Dregne, D. Witscheber, D. York, R. Rawlings,
Second row:  B. Wolf, M. Mullane, D. Biba, R. Taylor
Front row:  R. Wawrzyniak, K. Kohler, G. Covelli

And below is another fantastic photo shared by Judy Szymanski-Bruns of Washington's basketball team and cheerleaders.  Thanks for sharing this one with us, Judy.  


Back row:  J. Badham, T. Braaten, K. Carbon, J. Norris, P. Lukawski, J. Jake,
                M. Maraccini, S. Christman, D. Schemenauer, E. Noto, J. Szymanski
Middle row:  T. Lawrence, D. Pillizzi, B. Yule, J. LaMacchia, I. Razaa, F. Parise, 
                    R. Grisham, D. LaJeunesse, D. Sinnen
Front row:  L. Haapala, L. Jones, K. Hotchkiss, M. LaFond, J. Willems, K. Lesniak

The photo below is of Washington's 9th grade Sing Along choir, contributed by Joe Lampada.  It's another great "time capsule"... so, thanks, Joe.

Back row:  D. Davis, J. Lampada, L. Bruns, D. Holder, C. Piasecki, T. Smith, 
                K. Haugaard, K. Hotchkiss, G. Covelli, J. Willems   
Middle row, far left:  T. Klopstein?, V. Paukstelis   
Front rows:  T. Aulwes, T. Hall, D. Bose, J. Shinske, S. Wagner, M. Kozlowski,
                   M. Mullane, E. Hynes, D. Partenheimer, L. Cairo, G. Penza, Jack Oster

 JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY ~ 1972:  School Uniform
Mark Hoferitza contributed the photo below of Jefferson's 6th grade class taken in '71 or '72.  Can you help identify those in it?  If so, please Contact Us; and thanks, Mark, for sharing.

Thanks go to Michael Gerber who submitted this photo of Grant's afternoon kindergarten class with Mrs. Chabrillo taken in '65.... 

Back row: B. Maurer, M. Montemurro, M. Gerber, D. DeRose, T. Dower, ?, ?, ?
Middle row: R. Walter, K. Wendricks, B. Yule, J. Willems, ?, ?, K. Schneider, 
                   R. Pierce
Front row:  ?, S. Jung, K. Jensen, P. Moore, D. Maurer,  ?,  ? 

Note that all of us girls are wearing dresses, which was the dress code back then... whether or not it was Christmas or photo day!

And... speaking of blasts from the past, Michael Gerber contributed the following links to clips of some major moldy oldies....  Suzy Snowflake anyone?  How 'bout H.R. Pufnstuf?  Lost In Space?  Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea?  Leave It To Beaver?  The Mod Squad?  Mr. Ed?  The Partridge Family?  They're bound to bring back some distant childhood memories....  Enjoy!

For any of you who ever owned a Gremlin or hung out with someone who did, you'll get a kick out of the following links....  Go Gremlin, go!

Or... maybe you owned a Javelin:


SHE'S GOT YOU:  Record Player
This video was submitted by guest member and our Bradford tour guide, Kris Winzer-Miller.  It was performed at some other class reunion and is actually quite good.  Enjoy!