Field Trips


WOW!  We're definitely the class with the most "field trips" which is when a bunch of us classmates get together to see our favorite local bands perform.  Each field trip usually brings out more Bradford alumni faces which continues to add to the fun!  So, always stay tuned to this page to see when our next class outing will be.

BOYS AND TOYS BAND:  Record Player
This band stars one of our favorite guitarists, Jon Ianni, along with lead singer, "Uncle" Mike Parise, guitarist, Steve Kollman, and drummer, Scotty Shoo.  Mike is actually our classmate Frank Parise's uncle; and Mike is married to our classmate, Connie Guarascio.  This band covers a diverse mix of rock from Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and the Rolling Stones, to Matchbox Twenty, Bryan Adams, Collective Soul and the Goo Goo Dolls.... 
So, stay tuned to this page for future announcements of when our group plans to see them perform again, and then come out and join us!  They're awesome! 


(above l-r:  Jon E Ianni, Uncle Mike Parise, Steve Kollman & Scotty Shoo)

THE NEW VINYLS:  Record Player
This band stars our classmate, Frank Parise, along with Tom Belotti, Scott Christman and Steve Kollman.  Over the past ten years, they have always gotten the place rockin' and packed the place every time!  We have had so much fun and have made so many wonderful memories along the way.  Therefore, it came with much sadness  when they announced that their last official show was this past August 29th at the Band Shell.  However, rumor now has it that they're just taking a year off?!  So, thumbs up to that and let's keep our fingers crossed!


(above l-r:  Scott Christman, Frank Parise, Steve Kollman & Tom Belotti)