Darryl Ogren

Profile Updated: March 9, 2009
Residing In: Kenosha, WI USA
Children: Jeffrey,born 1987.
Occupation: Self-Employed
Yes! Attending Reunion
What I wanted to do, or thought I was going to do when finishing high school:

Join a rock band.

What I've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet:

Meet a Beatle.

Famous people I've met:

Ernie Banks.

The farthest I've been from home:


My favorite type(s) of music:

Classic Rock.

I tend to be at my happiest when I'm:

When I am traveling.


Okay,here it goes.....In the last 30 years I would say that my life has seen its ups and downs just like everyone else.When I was in my 20's I jumped job to job like nobody's business.I definitely really loved to party.My life back then basically consisted of partying and playing softball.When I was in my late 20's to early 30's I played with who I think (And most people in Kenosha think)was the best softball team in Kenosha.Of course I am talking about Tirabassi's.Modestly speaking,we won several tournaments and 3-peated as city champions from 1987-1989.A feat that has only been accomplished twice.The only other team was the 1971-1973 Tirabassi's team.Now let me make something clear.I have seen my share of losses also.But who wants to remember those right?Lol.Anyway,I got married in 1986.I got divorced in 1988.However,I was with my ex for 6 1/2 years total.Things happen.My son Jeffrey was born April 21 1987.He was 6 lbs.and 7 ounces.He was 20 1/2 inches long and was born at 12:37 A.M.My son is my life.He means everything to me.Quite frankly,I hope he makes better choices than I have made in the past.When I got in my 30's I met another woman whom I thought I was going to marry at the time.For the first time in many years I felt that my life was finally in order.I had a good job at Motorola and things were falling into place.Well things did not work out and I was with her for 5 years and another unsuccessful relationship.Live and learn.When I got in my 40's I became self-employed.Not the easiest gig that is for sure.Anyway,I have been with my new love of my life for almost 2 years and it is going to work this time.She has a grandson and daughter who are great.In conclusion I would like to say that in my 48 1/2 years of my life have been good for the most part.Life is what you make of it.I have always said;always have a plan B.because plan A doesn't always work.Another thing is I would like to reunite someday with all of who graduated in 1978.I think it would be great.Well,thank you for listening.

School Story:

I wasn't very popular in school so I do not have many fond memories.However,I would say that there were two teachers at Bradford that influenced me positively.Mr.Brooks who taught me in the class of Teens&Society.And Mr.Klopstein who taught me in Art class.

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Darryl Ogren has a birthday today.
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Darryl Ogren has a birthday today.
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Darryl Ogren has a birthday today.
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Darryl Ogren has a birthday today.
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Darryl Ogren has a birthday today.
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